CLEANER - Clean heat and Power from Hydrogen

Achieving the European Green Deal target of becoming the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050 will require deep cuts to emissions across all aspects of the economy, including the power generation and heating sector.
This, combined with the REPowerEU plans, places hydrogen as a clean energy carrier in a unique position. It can be used in, and thereby couple, all sectors like; power&heat, transport and industry. Hydrogen offers long term storage, it can be transported over large distances and it can be produced and used without, or with very low emissions. A central part of the EU climate strategies is the target of domestic renewable hydrogen production of 10 million tons by 2030, in addition to the same amount imported. Large-scale stationary fuel cells in the MW-range should be able to operate on such industrial quality H2 without repurification. They can offer a low-cost clean alternative for both large scale (peak) power and heat production, as well as for small, medium and large-scale back-up power units for the critical infrastructure, thereby also improving the resilience of the energy system.
The aim of CLEANER is to develop and demonstrate for more than 5000 hours a >100 kW PEM fuel cell system operating on industrial quality hydrogen.

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Development of a >100 kW PEMFC system tolerant of impurities in industrial H2



Demonstrate more than 5000 hours for a > 100 kW PEM fuel cell system operated with industrial quality hydrogen.


Increase tolerance of impurities in hydrogen while reducing cost of catalyst.



Reduce TCO through lower cost materials, modelling and increasing efficiency.


Assure economically and environmentally sustainable development.



Exploit project results through dissemination to and dialogue with key stakeholders.

The project methodology

The project partners

The workplan and workpackages

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